Analytics for music

Build better experiences using data to
help users turn insights into action.

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Business Intelligence
done right

  • Build better experiences for people using your apps by letting their data guide them.
  • Offer users the ability to get the big picture with integrated sales, marketing and audience data.
  • Help customers understand how, where and when their fans engage with their content across all channels.
  • Surface opportunities, and help users turn insights into action.

End-to-end visibility

  • Track monthly revenue and daily trends across all popular stores and services worldwide.
  • Monitor sales and streaming activity, with breakdowns by service, channels, countries, and device-level metrics.

Dive deep into data

  • Drill down to a granular level and see the performance of specific market segments and revenue channels.
  • Gain deeper insights into a key performance by viewing comparative data in the Leaderboard.

Build better experiences

  • Create data-rich user experiences across web and mobile apps.
  • Increase retention.
  • Improve conversions by enabling people to get started with your app quickly.


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