Revenue Reporting

Provide transparent reporting to rights
holders with a programmatic solution.

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Easily scale your reporting

  • Automate ingestion of all your reports from all the major platforms via API or FTP.
  • Process large YouTube and Spotify reports with the speed and power of the cloud - which means zero down time.
  • Manage your own completely private and secure cloud data management platform.
  • Deliver next generation performance for your data processing and reporting. Refreshingly easy to setup, and proven at scale.

Eliminate layers of complexity

  • Solve the complex challenge of integrating, consolidating, and measuring revenue data across all channels. No more spreadsheets.
  • Leverage flexible and powerful error management, logging and auditing capabilities.
  • Filter, search and segment your data by track, release, artist, service, country, format and channel, for any time period and sort by any criteria.
  • Group results in both units and revenue value in any user defined base currency.

Make reporting
management easy

  • Unlock actionable insights from the consolidated data.
  • Identify opportunities on what and where to focus marketing spend.
  • Access all of your data anytime, and export in summarized, raw or aggregate formats.
  • Enable on-demand, automatic or rule based reporting for sharing statements with rights holders. No extra work needed.

Be a great partner

  • Increase trust and retention with complete transparency.
  • Provide rights holders with a new level of business insights.
  • Keep everyone on the same page instantly and at all times.
  • Gain a competitive edge with richer and clearer reporting.


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